AI-Infused Software Supply Chain Security

Enhance Your Security: AI-Driven Alerts for Software Supply Chain Vigilance

Plexicus stands at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation, offering advanced, AI-driven solutions tailored to safeguard modern businesses in the digital world. As digital threats evolve with the rapid advancement of AI, we stay ahead by continuously updating our strategies to address these emerging challenges. Our commitment to  the latest technological advancements solidifies our leadership in the cybersecurity industry.

Our Premier Solution

A groundbreaking approach to vulnerability management, COVULOR utilizes advanced AI to accurately assess and prioritize cybersecurity vulnerabilities. This solution streamlines the remediation process, transforming how organizations handle cybersecurity threats.



Easily integrate COVULOR with a range of widely used vulnerability scanning tools, streamlining the onboarding process for companies. This compatibility ensures a smooth transition into intelligent vulnerability orchestration.

Automated Remediation Solution

Move from identification to resolution seamlessly with COVULOR‘s automated remediation solutions. Whether it’s generating detailed playbooks for system updates or utilizing generative AI to fortify code and annotate Git repositories, COVULOR streamlines the remediation process.


Streamline resource allocation with COVULOR’s prioritization and risk management capabilities. Identify and focus on vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk, optimizing efforts and strengthening overall cybersecurity defenses.

Potential Metric

Introduce precision into vulnerability management with COVULOR’s Damage Potential metric. This dynamic measure gauges the realistic threat impact, factoring in the probability of exploitation, allowing organizations to prioritize resources effectively.

AI-Driven Context Enrichment

Leverage advanced AI to enrich vulnerability data with context. COVULOR goes beyond mere identification, analyzing public information, threat actor behaviors, and asset impact to provide a comprehensive understanding of each vulnerability.


COVULOR fosters collaboration within your cybersecurity team. Its AI-driven platform enables team members to easily share insights, assign tasks, and track progress in a centralized dashboard. This collaborative approach streamlines vulnerability management, ensuring that everyone is aligned in addressing security concerns promptly.

Why Plexicus?

Cutting-edge Technology

Our solutions are built with the most advanced AI technologies, offering top-tier cybersecurity protection. The latest threats and vulnerabilities are being analyzed by our experienced team and AI systems.

Comprehensive Security Coverage

From monitoring to managing vulnerabilities, our products provide end-to-end security solutions. No open doors, no thieves.

Expertise and Reliability

Backed by a team of cybersecurity experts, Plexicus ensures reliable support and professional guidance. Our team includes industry experts and committed professionals.

Adaptable and Scalable

Our products are designed to meet the diverse and evolving needs of businesses across various sectors. Our systems are fully customizable, we are customizing the whole process just for your business

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