Insider Threat Mitigation with COVULOR

COVULOR’s features contribute to effective insider threat mitigation by providing organizations with tools to identify and remediate vulnerabilities associated with internal actors.


COVULOR’s AI-driven approach transforms cybersecurity decision-making by providing enriched contextual data, allowing organizations to grasp the full implications of vulnerabilities. It not only identifies vulnerabilities but propels the remediation process forward with automated, AI-generated solutions, including playbooks and code fixes. This accelerates response times, minimizing exposure windows and significantly bolstering security postures. COVULOR’s intelligent prioritization enhances resource allocation, directing attention to the most critical vulnerabilities and optimizing efforts for maximum cybersecurity impact.

Context Enrichment

AI-driven context enrichment deepens the understanding of vulnerabilities associated with insider threats.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Enhances resource allocation to address critical vulnerabilities linked to insider threats.


Collaborative Workflows

Facilitates team coordination for efficient mitigation of vulnerabilities associated with insider threats.

Use Cases

Organizations Dealing with Insider Threats

Provides tools and insights to proactively identify and mitigate vulnerabilities associated with internal actors, strengthening overall security postures