Risk Management with COVULOR

COVULOR is a revolutionary vulnerability management tool that transforms risk management in cybersecurity by leveraging advanced AI and introducing the innovative metric, “Damage Potential.”


COVULOR’s AI-driven approach transforms cybersecurity decision-making by providing enriched contextual data, allowing organizations to grasp the full implications of vulnerabilities. It not only identifies vulnerabilities but propels the remediation process forward with automated, AI-generated solutions, including playbooks and code fixes. This accelerates response times, minimizing exposure windows and significantly bolstering security postures. COVULOR’s intelligent prioritization enhances resource allocation, directing attention to the most critical vulnerabilities and optimizing efforts for maximum cybersecurity impact.

Enriched Contextual Data

COVULOR enhances decision-making by providing contextual data, enabling organizations to understand the full implications of vulnerabilities.

Automated Remediation

Accelerates response times with AI-generated solutions, including playbooks and code fixes, minimizing exposure windows and strengthening security postures.

Intelligent Prioritization

The “Damage Potential” metric allows precise prioritization, optimizing resource allocation and focusing efforts on critical vulnerabilities.



Seamless integration with existing vulnerability scanning tools ensures a smooth onboarding process.

Automated Resolution

Transition from identification to resolution with AI-driven system updates and code fortification.

Collaborative Workflows

Enhances team coordination for efficient vulnerability management.

Use Cases

Large Enterprises

Brings clarity and focus to managing critical threats in complex cybersecurity landscapes.

Startups and Growing Businesses

Efficient resource allocation and automated remediation align cybersecurity strategies with rapid growth.

Regulated Industries

Aids in compliance and targeted risk management, streamlining responses to compliance-related vulnerabilities.