Software Supply Chain Security: Introducing COVULOR — Your Strategic Defense Against Emerging Threats.

COVULOR orchestrates a seamless integration of security measures throughout the software supply chain, ensuring robust protection at every phase from  Static Application Security Testing (SAST), detecting Secrets and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in Infrastructure as Code (IaC), to Open Source Security (SCA), License Compliance, and Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). By ensuring Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and implementing Software Supply Chain Security (SSCS) practices, COVULOR safeguards your applications from source to deployment.


COVULOR by Plexicus represents a paradigm shift in vulnerability management, offering a Continuous Vulnerability Orchestrator specifically tailored to modern cybersecurity challenges. This innovative solution harnesses advanced AI to deliver a nuanced, real-world impact assessment of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. COVULOR stands out with its proprietary metric, “Damage Potential”, which dynamically evaluates the realistic threat impact of vulnerabilities, integrating diverse data sources like public information, adjusted asset impact, and threat intelligence. By prioritizing the problems, we are simply saving your time, funds, and company data.

Key Features

COVULOR’s AI-driven approach transforms cybersecurity decision-making by providing enriched contextual data, allowing organizations to grasp the full implications of vulnerabilities. It not only identifies vulnerabilities but propels the remediation process forward with automated, AI-generated solutions, including playbooks and code fixes. This accelerates response times, minimizing exposure windows and significantly bolstering security postures. COVULOR’s intelligent prioritization enhances resource allocation, directing attention to the most critical vulnerabilities and optimizing efforts for maximum cybersecurity impact.

Targeted AI Threat Hunting

Make informed cybersecurity decisions with COVULOR’s AI-driven context enrichment. Understand the real-world implications of vulnerabilities, empowering your team to make decisions based on comprehensive and relevant data.

Automated Remediation

COVULOR doesn’t stop at identification; it accelerates the remediation process. Automated solutions, including detailed playbooks and code generation, swiftly address vulnerabilities, reducing the window of exposure and strengthening overall security posture.

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Continuously assess and improve your cloud environment’s security posture to prevent misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

License Compliance & SBOM

Automatically ensure compliance with license requirements and maintain a detailed SBOM for transparency and security.

Strategic Vulnerability Prioritization

COVULOR positions your organization for the future of cybersecurity. Stay ahead with automated, intelligent solutions that adapt to evolving threat landscapes, ensuring a proactive and resilient security posture for the long term.

Seamless Integration

COVULOR is designed for easy integration into your existing cybersecurity ecosystem. Our AI-infused platform seamlessly integrates with popular security tools and IT management solutions, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for your security team.

The OWASP TOP 10 (2021) Risk Covered by COVULOR


A1 – Broken Access Control : 

COVULOR prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data functions, ensuring that users can only access what they are permitted to.

A2 – Cryptographic Failures:

Previously known as ‘Sensitive Data Exposure’, COVULOR safeguards data integrity and confidentiality through robust encryption practices.


A3 – Injection :

COVULOR automatically detects and mitigates injection flaws, including SQL, NoSQL, OS, and LDAP injection vulnerabilities, by validating user inputs.

A4 – Insecure Design:

Focusing on preventing security issues by design, COVULOR encourages the use of secure design patterns and principles from the earliest stages of development.


A5 – Security Misconfiguration:

COVULOR scans for and corrects misconfigurations in software and application settings that could expose your system to attackers.

A6 – Vulnerable and Outdates Components:

By monitoring third-party libraries and components, COVULOR ensures they are up-to-date and free from known vulnerabilities.



A7 – Identification and Authentication Failures:

COVULOR enhances mechanisms for securely managing authentication and session management, protecting against impersonation or credential theft.

A8 – Software and Data Integrity Failures: 

Ensuring the integrity of software and data, COVULOR checks for unauthorized changes and includes mechanisms to detect and prevent such issues.



A9 – Security Logging and Monitoring Failures:

COVULOR aids in the establishment of effective logging and monitoring that can detect and alert on critical security incidents promptly.


A10 – Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF):

COVULOR implements checks to prevent attackers from exploiting server-side request forgery vulnerabilities, thereby safeguarding your internal systems from unauthorized external access.

AI-Assisted Remediation

At the heart of COVULOR’s innovation is AI-assisted remediation, seamlessly integrated with source code management systems like Git. This feature enables developers to apply security fixes with a single click, generating pull requests automatically. By simplifying the remediation process, COVULOR not only accelerates response times but also significantly reduces the risk of human error, ensuring that your applications remain secure in a fast-paced development environment.

Key Benefits

One-click Fixes: Simplify the remediation process with AI-generated fixes that are directly applicable through a single click.

Seamless Integration: COVULOR integrates smoothly with your existing development tools, enhancing workflow without disrupting your team’s productivity.

Future-Ready Security: Stay ahead of cyber threats with intelligent solutions that evolve alongside the threat landscape, ensuring a proactive defense mechanism for your digital assets.

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